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Started June 1, 2008; completed April 14, 2009. Used the Oblong Granny Square scarf pattern as a basis. Yarn is Knits Picks lace sampler in the colorway Riverside Cafe.  1.75 mm crochet hook was used. The lower photo was chosen as a feature photo on the Granny Square scarf pattern page on Ravelry.

Old Shale Shawl

My shawl, in progress. I made the stitch marker, too. :)

Yep, I do love it!

Progress seems slow on my mock Shoalwater rectangular shawl. I have been knitting a few rows just every other day or so. It now measures 6.5 in. tall and I was careful to measure it unstretched, as the shawl is very stretchy right now. I figure it will be less stretchy once it is done and blocked. It should be about 60 inches wide blocked out.

I noticed a few mistakes several rows back last night. I have been knitting in our fairly dark living room a lot and in the dark I must have overlooked that I was putting YOs in the decrease columns. Woops. It would be a glaring error in the finished work as I did this twice, right next to each other. I tinked 2.5 rows and I still have 3 or so to go till I’m back to the mistake. Too bad I stopped doing lifelines. I don’t think I will start again though, as the project is simple enough that I don’t think I will have many more mess ups. (crossing fingers) I turned the lamp on a brighter setting last night. I guess my laziness to turn on some lights is no excuse for knitting mistakes. I have a knitting lamp somewhere, too. I think it’s that the dark is easier on my eyes overall.

I realized last night that my shawl needs a name of its own. Sure, I’m imitating a well-known and gorgeous shawl and using a lesser-known scarf pattern for the stitch pattern, but I think my shawl needs its own name, don’t you?

Lauren asked how to make a rectangular shawl like the Shoalwater Shawl. It’s a matter of math. You can use these instructions to make a rectangular or square shawl with any stitch.

I read on the Shoalwater pattern that the stitch used was Old Shale Lace, so I found that stitch on the Internet. There are a lot of variations you could do of it, but I used this scarf pattern as a basis for my shawl. I made a few gauge swatches and blocked them out till I got a gauge I thought looked right. I figured I want a shawl that is about 63 inches wide. (Figure how wide you want your shawl by using a tape measure and spreading out your arms.) My blocked and approved gauge swatch was 4 inches wide, and I knew I could repeat the swatch stitches all the way across, so I used a shawl width that would be divisible by the number 4. (60)

60 inches wide/4 inch gauge swatch=15 repeats of the gauge swatch

24 stitches in the gauge swatch x 15 repeats=360 stitches across

So I knew I could cast on 360 stitches, knit what I had done in the gauge swatch 15 times and get a shawl that would be 60 inches wide. The plan is to knit it till it is a height I like, too.

(Also note that if you use the pattern I linked, instead of alternating between YO, K1 and K1, YO, I always put my YO first (YO, K1.) It looks the same and you don’t have to remember to alternate.

I hope that makes sense…let me know if it doesn’t.

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted, as usual, but I wanted to let you know that I have been knitting! I have been working on a rectangular shawl, using the Feather and Fan stitch (Old Shale Lace.) I’m using alpaca yarn called “Peru”, by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. This is the yarn that Jeremy gave me for my birthday…last year? I was originally planning to make Shoalwater Shawl, but I saw another, rectangular shawl in the same stitch and decided that a rectangular one would work better for keeping my arms warm. So I just used a stitch found on the Internet and came up with my own pattern. Simple enough.

I am using Addi Turbos for the first time. They are quite nice. I won’t be buying a lot of them, as I can’t afford that, but it will be nice treat every once in a while. I told Jeremy I had bought a pair of Addi needles and he said something like, “Oh, the Addi Turbos? Nice!” He also knew about Yarn Harlot being in town before I did. How did this happen? It is cool, though. :)

I added the pattern for the Roxie Soap Bag. It has been test crocheted by my little sis, Christen, and passed. She even said nothing needed changing, so I guess I get an A. There is no picture at the moment, but I’m hoping to get one up eventually. It works up so fast though, if you want to know what it looks like, just make one.

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