1. I knit continental.
  2. I purl Norwegian.
  3. My favorite projects are socks, hats…anything small and functional.
  4. I love to knit for family and friends.
  5. I especially love knitting for my older brother because he gets excited and appreciates everything I make him.
  6. I wish I could knit all my friends and family an item of clothing for Christmas each year.
  7. I dislike when strangers ask for knit or crochet items with the implication that they want it free or cheap.
  8. My favorite genres of music are industrial, 80s electronica, blues and classic rock.
  9. Major concerts I’ve been to: The Cure, Depeche Mode and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  10. The only genre of music I dislike is country, but there are a few exceptions even there.
  11. I have tried to make a list of my favorite musical groups and bands, but I always think of more to add!
  12. I love to read.
  13. I’m a knitting perfectionist.
  14. I remember old-fart phrases from M.A.S.H. and use them for fun.
  15. I like to play “who does this song.”
  16. I’m jealous of Mrs. Weasley’s enchanted knitting needles. (in the Harry Potter series)
  17. My favorite color is green. (I’m really crazy about it.)
  18. I am a little to no-stash knitter. Edited to say that I have a stash now. <sigh>
  19. I do like to keep some extra sock yarn on hand for projects I can start anytime.
  20. If you want to give me a treat, a skein of Lotusblossom’s Twinkletoes sock yarn on eBay would be perfect. (wink, wink)