May 2008

Mandy’s Lacecap

Lacecap is done now and I’m looking forward to seeing it on my good pal, Mandy. She has pretty bright red hair lately and I think that will look great through the lace. Perhaps we can take a photo on Tuesday, eh Mandy?

Pattern: Lacecap from Knitty

Needles: Size 1, circular and double pointed

Yarn: Lana Knits Hemp for Knitting, fingering weight in the color Classic.

(photo added May 27, 2008)

I’m about done with Lacecap. (again)

I cast on for Lacecap again today with yarn doubled and used a needle two sizes larger just for the cast on. I did a long tail cast on, alternating the front and back yarns every other stitch. The edge will be more durable and stretchy this way. I also knit the first and last stitch of the cast on together to prevent gapping (decreasing one stitch) and increased one stitch on the next round to get back to the correct number of stitches.