April 2008

Just finished the knitting on Lacecap and tried it on. Apparently knitting extra lace repeats was a bad idea in my case. The cap came down over my eyes!

I’m on the crown shaping of Lacecap. I am pleased with the pattern so far and haven’t found any mistakes. I am taking the advice of someone on Ravelry and adding extra length, as a lot of the caps have come out too short. I knit nine repeats of the lace pattern and 6-6.5 inches before decreasing. Next time I would also cast on with larger needles to make the edge more stretchy. I have enough yarn for another of these, so I will probably make one for myself.

The recipient, my best friend Mandy, has agreed to have her photo taken for the blog when the cap is finished! Yay!

I started Lacecap from Knitty on the 8th. It’s a pattern for a lace skull cap, which I’m knitting for my best friend, Mandy. I bought the yarn for it last summer, I think…I meant to start it before but didn’t for whatever reason. I’m knitting it in Hemp for Knitting by Lanaknits in fingering weight. The color is called 012 Classic, which is gray.

The yarn is kind of stiff at first so I put it into hanks, then washed it by hand and hung to dry. This color looks green when it’s wet. I was using double point needles, but the stitches kept falling off and driving me nuts. At one point, I was putting stitches back on that had fallen off one side of the cap and more fell off the other side at the same time! So, yeah… a circular needle was definitely in order. I got to buy my second set of Addi’s as that was all the store had.