Progress seems slow on my mock Shoalwater rectangular shawl. I have been knitting a few rows just every other day or so. It now measures 6.5 in. tall and I was careful to measure it unstretched, as the shawl is very stretchy right now. I figure it will be less stretchy once it is done and blocked. It should be about 60 inches wide blocked out.

I noticed a few mistakes several rows back last night. I have been knitting in our fairly dark living room a lot and in the dark I must have overlooked that I was putting YOs in the decrease columns. Woops. It would be a glaring error in the finished work as I did this twice, right next to each other. I tinked 2.5 rows and I still have 3 or so to go till I’m back to the mistake. Too bad I stopped doing lifelines. I don’t think I will start again though, as the project is simple enough that I don’t think I will have many more mess ups. (crossing fingers) I turned the lamp on a brighter setting last night. I guess my laziness to turn on some lights is no excuse for knitting mistakes. I have a knitting lamp somewhere, too. I think it’s that the dark is easier on my eyes overall.

I realized last night that my shawl needs a name of its own. Sure, I’m imitating a well-known and gorgeous shawl and using a lesser-known scarf pattern for the stitch pattern, but I think my shawl needs its own name, don’t you?