Lauren asked how to make a rectangular shawl like the Shoalwater Shawl. It’s a matter of math. You can use these instructions to make a rectangular or square shawl with any stitch.

I read on the Shoalwater pattern that the stitch used was Old Shale Lace, so I found that stitch on the Internet. There are a lot of variations you could do of it, but I used this scarf pattern as a basis for my shawl. I made a few gauge swatches and blocked them out till I got a gauge I thought looked right. I figured I want a shawl that is about 63 inches wide. (Figure how wide you want your shawl by using a tape measure and spreading out your arms.) My blocked and approved gauge swatch was 4 inches wide, and I knew I could repeat the swatch stitches all the way across, so I used a shawl width that would be divisible by the number 4. (60)

60 inches wide/4 inch gauge swatch=15 repeats of the gauge swatch

24 stitches in the gauge swatch x 15 repeats=360 stitches across

So I knew I could cast on 360 stitches, knit what I had done in the gauge swatch 15 times and get a shawl that would be 60 inches wide. The plan is to knit it till it is a height I like, too.

(Also note that if you use the pattern I linked, instead of alternating between YO, K1 and K1, YO, I always put my YO first (YO, K1.) It looks the same and you don’t have to remember to alternate.

I hope that makes sense…let me know if it doesn’t.