My Spring into Summer dishcloth pal, Mary is a real sweet gal. She sent me two dishcloths, a scrubbie and towel, all crocheted in shades of green and green variegated yarn. I put the towel up right away in the kitchen and I’ll probably save the cloths for washing my face. They look like they would have a nice texture for gentle exfoliating. Along with all the crocheted items, she beaded a set of stitch markers with tiny dice to represent that she lives in Las Vegas.

There are all kinds of other goodies, too and I hope I don’t leave anything out as it’s all out of the package and around the house now. She sent honeysuckle perfume, which is a really thoughtful touch. I love honeysuckle. Mary also sent me a book, Knitting Rules, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a felt cover notebook, knitted dishcloth pattern booklet and little “E” shape sticky notepad. Oh, and there is yarn, too! She sent me several skeins of cotton in shades of green to make more dishcloths.

All the while the swap was going on, I received e-mails every few days from Mary. She “snooped” around my blog, as she put it, to find out what I liked. She did a good job of snooping! It was a pleasure exchanging e-mails and having Mary as my partner. Thank you, Mary!