May 2007

Now that I have given my gift I can reveal the project that I made last Saturday, April 28. It is a teal scarf made with Bernat Disco. It was actually a pretty fun knit, just cast on 10 stitches and garter stitch till all the yarn is used up, then cast off and weave in ends. It looks awesome on her, too!

The Mary Jane hat is getting close to the decrease point now. I’m happy with the texture and drape of the knitting, though I’ll have to see it finished to make any real judgments.

I bought 2 skeins of Allhemp3 in the “classic” color today, to make Lacecap, a lacy hat from Knitty. Allhemp3 is 100% hemp and softer than the hemp twine you might think of. The hat will be for my friend, Mandy.

My Mary Jane hat is coming along well. I have about 4 inches knit now and 3 lifelines in place. (I’m placing one about every five rounds. My lifelines are mint-flavored dental floss and make my knitting smell minty fresh!)

For you non-knitters or those unfamiliar with the term, a lifeline is a piece of scrap thread or a thinner yarn that is threaded through a row or round of stitches. In case the knitter makes a mistake in a complicated stitch pattern, she only needs to pull out the work to that thread and insert the needles again, rather than dropping stitches and trying to figure out how to replace them back on the needles.

I’m still working on Elderflower, the tank top I started last year. The going is slow on that though, it shouldn’t be a difficult top to make, but the pattern instructions are written in a very awkward way and the yarn is kind of hard to knit with for an extended period of time. I’ve considered ripping the whole thing out so many times, knowing there are a lot of patterns out there that are better written. The only thing keeping it on the needles at this point is that I’m so happy with how the beads look and that I have most of the front done (all but one strap) and most of the back ribbing finished.

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