I finished the Mary Jane hat today! Yay! I like it a lot. I would recommend the pattern, it’s pretty easy to knit, but make sure to thread a lifeline every few rows, in case you drop a stitch. I dropped stitches several times, and in this slippery yarn it was a good thing the lifeline was there because they can fall fast.

Mary jane hat

Mary Jane’s hat back view

Pattern: Mary Jane’s Pithy Hat, at Little Turtle Knits

Yarn: 2 skeins of Plymouth Sunsette, color 39. I used all of one skein and 3/4 of another.

Needles: 5 and 7

Mods: Smaller needle size than called for and would use even smaller needles next time. Changed the crown decreasing to be more gradual. Every other round is a decrease round in garter stitch, and I decreased on three rounds instead of two. I knit about 7-8 inches before the decreases, measuring from the cast on. I would probably only knit five inches before decreasing if I made the hat again.