April 2007

I knit a little project yesterday, which I can’t reveal just yet as it is a gift. Today I started Mary Jane’s Hat using sage Plymouth Sunsette. The yarn is 60% rayon and 40% acrylic, very silky, but also very splitty. I used size 5 and 7 needles, as I tend to knit loosely and generally need to go down a few sizes. (Although I haven’t actually tried it on, so this may change!) I saw no reference to gauge, so use your best guess and experiment if you are going to make the hat. I will also be using lifelines as this is my first try at lace and I would have no idea how to pick up stitches in lace.

*Reading the word “sunset” misspelled hurts my eyes, too. It is, unfortunately, how the company spells it.

I just joined the Spring into Summer Dishcloth Swap and will be putting together a package of nice soap and a dishcloth for a knitting pal. As part of the fun, there are a few contests going on, for one we are asked to describe our favorite summer activities. Mine are camping, hiking, swimming, knitting, going to concerts and music festivals (especially outdoors), drinking lemonade and iced tea, hanging out with friends and family, reading, shopping, gardening, playing badminton, driving in the country and learning new things. Summer is the best time to do just about anything. Whether it be reading, crafts or even cooking, you can take it outside and somehow, it’s even better.

In February I went on a short trip to Seattle with some of my family on my husband’s side. My brother-in-law, Jonathan, and his wife, Kat, took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and found black cashmere in a shop called Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.
It was at this time that I received a strange call about a yarn shop and cashmere yarn. My brother had fallen for yarn. He asked if I could make a hat from this yarn.
The yarn was wonderful to work with, probably the softest yarn I have felt. The pattern was also great and if you don’t like to seam it’s easy to knit in the round. It calls for two strands held together for the cast on and I’m sure some won’t want to be bothered, but it gives a nice, sturdy edge to the hat. Do try it.
Pattern: Devin’s Toque. Yarn: HandMaiden 4-ply black cashmere. Started February 23, finished March 17. Modifications: Knitted in the round and added two more rounds at the top, one stockinette and another decrease round. I discovered that this yarn will break easily when pulled at a single point. Use a light hand while finishing and you’ll be happy with the results.

black cashmere hat