This tank top is from Rowan’s Summer Tweed Collection. I’m using the discontinued color Cotton Bud. I found the perfect beads, which are made of recycled glass. They are light orange or amber with a rough matte finish. I think they look pretty next to the off-white tweedy yarn. If I knit another, I might put a luckenbooth medallion on it. Started January 22.

To see my changes, click “more” below. Just as a note to anyone who is considering knitting this design, the decreases as written in the pattern are all wonky. You come up with the right number of stitches, but it will look bumpy. When I’m finished, this will have not only my personal preference changes, but changes that need to be made to the pattern to make the strap decreases look smooth. If I have time, this section will also include close-up swatch photos, to show the difference between the decreases as written and my changes to the pattern to make them smooth.

Progress: All of the front except the straps. I’m still working out kinks in the pattern. But on a side note, my bead placement up the neckline looks great! *This is on hold while I do a few other things*

progress shot elderflower

Changes: Size US 4 needles. Knitting at a gauge of 4.5 stitches/inch instead of the 4 stitches/inch the pattern recommends. (It was too holey)

Knitting the medium instead of extra small to make up for the fact that this tighter gauge makes the garment smaller.

Possibly knitting more rows to make the length come out the same as the extra small.

I didn’t want to buy another set of needles for the ribbing, so I twisted my purls in the ribbing to get it tighter.

Used size 3 double pointed needles for the straps because I didn’t have any size 4′s on hand.

Adding beads.