Surprise! A project I’ve been knitting in my spare time with yarn from a swap at the Knitty Coffee Shop. I shipped off a coffee table/inspirational knitting book that I would probably never use called Knitting in America and received this yarn in trade. Unbiased is the first pattern I have made from Knitty, although I’ve been reading the site since the beginning. It’s quick, fun and easy to make. Yarn is recycled sari silk. Finished: October 9, 2005.

unbiased bag

Unbiased bag from Knitty: Pattern changes
-Knit each piece to 14.5 inches to make the bag deeper and use all my yarn
-Leave off the recycled silk handles in favor of fabric handles
-Drench unlined bag in water, then vinegar. Let soak for 10 minutes to set dye. Rinse in bathtub with hose nozzle until water runs clear. Spin for a few seconds at a time in lingerie bag to remove excess water, then dry flat on towel
-Liner pattern has 0.5 inch seam allowances in yellow crinkle-dyed cotton
-Two inches of vertical “stretch” room is created in liner pattern to prepare for times when the bag may be very full (If I did this again I would make the liner an inch or so deeper and wider)
-Add four large metal snaps, two snaps on each side, about 1/2 inch each